Fubar Redux – An Epic Short Film

Fubar draws influences from many of HaZ’s passions varying from George Orwell’s book Animal Farm to Stanley Kubrick’s work. Inspired by work of directors such as Stanley Kubrick (Dr. Strangelove) and Michael Bay (Transformers), HaZ wanted to make something that would be seen as innovative in cinema today and do something completely original.

Essentially, the story is about political issues addressing issues of war and the military but (here’s the cool bit!) with cat claws and dog paws knocking each other down, really emphasizing this on-going feud amongst these two household pets.

In fact Fubar originally began as a war-based film with human actors and digital SLR images. However, HaZ experimented cutting together miniature storyboards with photographs of his cat Tiggy and began playing around with the images on Photoshop. He booted the idea of having humans starring in the film and elected Tiggy as the star! This meant a rather awkward phone call to the actors to say ‘Hey, you’re being replaced by dogs and cats!’

So cats and dogs and high-end visuals of explosions and gunfire thrown in, it’s much messier than just a catfight! It’s the birth of Fubar!

Fubar Redux from Hasraf HaZ Dulull on Vimeo.

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