Dainty Paws

Pippy goes postal

A work of art

Christian The Lion Reunites with Previous Owners and Doesn’t Eat Them!

I think the lion must have asked himself, “What would Jesus do?”. And he was right, Jesus doesn’t eat people.

More footage here:

Pippy luvs Champ

But don’t tell anyone…

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Thanks for keeping my laundry warm

Precious Paws

British Animals Have Cool Accents


Sheep are dumb. Their humans are beyond amazing.

Ok, Ok, these aren’t cats. I’m not even sure what a sheep is, but this video amazed me (and my dad). I guess I’ll give some credit to the dogs that helped make this thing possible to… Just watch!

Where’s the Like Button?

Champ usually tweets for these guys, but Pippy decided to step in because Champ’s been lazy. She learned quickly that twitter isn’t much like Facebook.

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